Secrets & Thighs…

Privacy is a funny thing. On one hand my narcissistic tendencies have kicked in to high gear and I love uploading photos on to Crackbook (but only if I get lots of lovely compliments to feed my narcissism otherwise I get the grumps) but on the other hand I deleted a wall post which referenced my journey to Slimville. I think the deal is that I want to be the one to make the disclosures about it all as sometimes it feels like how and when the secret comes out is just about all I have control over. I can’t control how fast or slow the weight comes off, how much skin I’ll be left with, what size or weight I’ll end up as or even how people will react to the news, the little smidgen of control I have is decreeing when, where and how they find out.

A large part of it is that I hate imagining that people are thinking ‘Well if she’s shrinking now why on earth didn’t she flippin’ do it sooner’ but I’m no Paul McKenna so I shouldn’t delude myself into thinking that I can control people’s minds and get over it! I can’t stop my metamorphosis from happening so there’ll be a time at some stage where I have to deal with the comments and questions but by then hopefully I’ll be able to handle it – that or I’ll tell everyone I had mono!


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