Bright lights, big city?

Mr Chocolatey Voice spent all of today trying to convince me to embrace my new slim single girl life, grab the bull by the horns and move up to the big smoke. Bless him, he really did a number on me, sending me links to jobs, flats, bars, restaurants, fun things to do, transport and even offered to be my guide to ‘london life’. Now if it was just him that had this agenda then it wouldn’t have stuck in my head but there seems to be a movement by various parties to get me living in town.

I’d love to live in London however I think I have a very romanticised view of what it might be like and have nightmares that I’d slip through the cracks of being a ‘city girl’ and my life would go down the toilet again. If I’m honest there isn’t all that much to stay in Southampton for, I would be leaving behind some fantastic friends but surely that is what phones, faxes, trains and cars are for? Part of me thinks that a move to somewhere exciting would be quite fitting for the end of my shrinking journey, it would enable me to leave behind the Ghosts of the past seven years and mean I could easily avoid any more awkward supermarket confrontations!

When I think of London and what it might be like living there I see brunch with friends, cocktails and dancing, galleries and shows and all sorts of other fun activities that don’t actually fit with real life. What about grocery shopping and seeing the doctor and check ups at the dentist? Plus how is one meant to find a place to live, know that it’s a safe area and not get ripped off on rent? One of life’s great mysteries I suppose…..


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