Doin’ the Truffle Shuffle

Last night I found myself doing the truffle shuffle in the nip whilst in the privacy of my bedroom armed with a camera. I’m sure that’s given you a fantastic mental image on this surprisingly sunny lunchtime however there was good reason for busting some naked moves, honest!

I’ve been in touch with a plastic surgeon who is going to give me a consultation about having some work done when the ravages of shrinking take over and turn me in to a 27 year old with breasts like socks on a washing line and bingo wings bigger than Dumbo’s ears. Unfortunately his consultation process isn’t all that simple as he is based in Belgium and I am stuck in Scumhampton, hence hopping round the room starkers trying to take pictures of various wobbly bits! I was glad the Good Doctor wasn’t in as he has the room below me and would have wondered what on earth was going on as I hopped, skipped and contorted myself in to bizarre positions whilst trying to hold each pose long enough to satisfy the timer on my camera.

I managed to get together pictures of all the bits he’s asked to see but I’ve not emailed them over yet because it just feels a bit weird! I know he’s an excellent surgeon and his past patients are all super happy with their nips and tucks but it is without doubt the most bizarre consultation I’ve ever had. Plus, I wouldn’t like to be him opening his email and seeing me in all my fatty boom batty glory!


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