The mind which plunges into Surrealism, relives with burning excitement the best part of childhood.

I fell in love today. A beautiful type of love that opens up all sort of avenues, and makes life seem all sorts of exciting again. The object of my newly found affection? Southampton – the home of Ocean shenanigans (or whatever that crappy sign says).

Pre surgery I would have laughed at the suggestion of walking into town on a sunny day to window shop and stayed lolling about at home doing bugger all, whilst hating myself and my life. Today I hauled my arse up and out and we walked in the sunshine which was glorious down to the box office for some weird Japanese funk orchestra tickets. We ended up doing the touristy thing and wandering in to the city art gallery to take a peek at the surrealism exhibition which was, well, surreal. I’ve always wanted to get a bit of culture and wander in to the gallery but my weight has always stopped me. I don’t mean it physically stopped me from going, although there isn’t parking close by and it is on the first floor, I just never felt confident enough to go there, fearing that art loving culture mavens would batter me with paint palettes for daring to assault their delicate artistic sensibilities with my ugly mug.

I always thought that to appreciate art I would need to know something about the arts, artists and styles however I discovered a love of surrealism because it is so delightfully wonderfully bonkers and to me it allows me the freedom to look at the stuff on the walls and go ‘EH? If they’d given me a tenner I could have knocked that up’. Some of it was totally random, some of it I would love to buy and hang on the walls of my Manor and one piece in particular? Well, I’d like to have taken it our back and burnt it however the elephant dung attached to the canvas would have made an almighty stink.

I realised that my association with the city has been on the level of ‘transient student looking for cheap bars’ which is why I have been getting bored with the place. As a pre-op fattie I never went out anyway and so all I had to keep myself entertained in this city was my dull 9-5 and a freeview box. I can feel my relationship with the SO area changing as I become more confident, as actually there is a lot to be done in the local area and now I am in the right place to go and do it. That of course doesn’t mean I won’t still always be on the lookout for the cheap booze deals though 😉 (Hatchet Harry’s/Palace of Dreams anyone?!)


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