I'm preggers cheggers…

It’s an immaculate conception obviously as no wanger has been near my lady garden in a verr long time….. And now you’ve recovered from your heart attacks I’ll explain the babbied up state I currently find myself in. I’m not really going to have a baby (but the chance to have a bash at practicing making one wouldn’t go amiss!) however it does appear as though I have exactly the same symptoms that my pregnant sister in law has. We bonded today dans le telephone over mutual heartburn, back ache, big boobies, a fat belly, a list of foods we can’t eat and the ability to only eat half the amount of foodstuffs that a normal person can eat. Of course after 9 months of that carry on she gets to welcome her first child into the universe and the symptoms should go however muggsy here gets to stick it out until Pouchie stretches over time and my weight drops so I lose the fat belly!

I’m really excited about welcoming Pip their little bundle of joy into the world, I love being an auntie as I still can’t imagine ever getting married or having kids of my own so it’s the next best thing.


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