Oscar the Grouch in the hizouse

This little piggy went to the doctors today, and according to his scales I’ve lost a stone in 4 days – methinks his scales are a teeny bit wonky. It was great though as I had a wicked chat with him and offloaded all the crazy daisy stuff bouncing around my skull.

He’s only known me as upbeat and super positive or depressive and weepy so I think it came as a bit of a shocker when I ‘fessed up that literally minutes before seeing him I had been so enraged I wanted to put my fist through my monitor (and actually had to talk myself down!)

The Actual Doctor (as opposed to the Good Doctor) was brilliant and we discussed his theory that of course my mood has gone skewiff because I’ve lose my emotional crutch (food) and am now having to deal with the emotional shiz that made me turn to food in the first place. *sigh*


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