I remember howling with laughter, tears streaming down my face, struggling for breath as I listened to my crazy friend the yank tell me she knew she was losing weight because her bra was saggy and her farts had started travelling backwards, I thought at that moment that she was a total nutter butter!

Today driving home from work I got that familiar feeling in my gut – I really needed to trump and knew it was going to be something akin to a loud low rumble of thunder but what I wasn’t expecting was for the air to neatly escape betwixt my slightly slimmer buttcheeks, BACKWARDS! Ooh it was the weirdest sensation, it almost makes me look forward to getting the farts again as it was such a novelty. All you skinny mins out there will probably be of the school of thought that forwards flying farts don’t exist but I can now safely say that they do!


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