Alpine Challenger

I woke up feeling most unlike myself this morning. I honestly think that the dust bunnies in my room plotted a conspiracy against me and swapped my brain with that of a healthy person in the small hours of the morning as I dragged a rather hungover Belles to the gym, and actually enjoyed it!

I mullered myself on the treadmill and then the recline bike before attempting the x-trainer. I say attempting, I mean failing miserably of course – for some reason I simply cannot stomach it. I watch all these people effortlessly banging out 10-15 minutes no dramas and yet I can’t even do 2 minutes! It just means I’ve got to set myself the challenger to build up steadily until I’m x-training like a mofo!

Instead of going all out making declarations about gymming every day I am gonna be *gasp* a bit sensible about it and go every OTHER day. I know, it’s a freakin’ revelation!


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