Groundhog day!

At 8am my phone alarm went off (on a Sunday – blech!) and I blearily turned it off and decided it was a great idea to change the time on my phone so approximately 59 minutes later – my alarm went off AGAIN! ARGH!

Today was the loooooooooongest day in the entire history of the world, not helped one iota by the fact that I was ridiculously sick and then got all drowsy (I think my body was being nice to me by shutting down so I couldn’t vom again!) so spent the afternoon dozing, feeling a bit like I was smacked up on heroin (not that I have ever taken heroin of course!).

5 sleeps to go til payday which means 5 sleeps til I can spare the cash to pay for my interwebnet dating fees which means 5 sleeps til I can find out which two local hotties have emailed little old me. They better be hot looking and nice guys else I’ll have got all excited for NOTHING.

In other interwebnet dating news, I was winked at by Santa’s human/earthly brother which was, well a little disturbing. I wanted to convey through the medium of email the noise that emanated from my brain as I saw his profile, something a little like this ………………. ‘EWWWWMINGMINGMINGMINGEWWWWWWW’. Sadly I was restricted to sending an automated polite ‘thanks but no thanks’ grandad! (The grandad ending may have just been confined to my head though).


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