Facial (or should that be farcical) trigonometry…

Trigonometry is all about angles, but before you go thinking I’ve deserted my post as a useless mathematician I did have to check that with the uber maths whizzy Lady Headstrong before committing myself to anything. According to my Stepmother though, it’s not only SOH-CAH-TOA which is all about angles, they also feature heavily in taking a good photograph. Now by a good photograph I don’t think she means a natural caught in the middle of a belly laugh shining from the inside out type shot, she means a posed with your head held in a certain way determinedly only showing your ‘best’ side but at the same time looking a bit like you’re engaging in a game of musical statues.

I should have known that she’d revert to type and become super honest to the point of critical but for some reason I still felt the need to zip off an email to her with the first photos ever taken of me that I can actually stand to look at, in fact the first photos of me I LIKE. When she didn’t reply at all, my internal warning system should have kicked in to gear, all flashing lights and bells and whistles to tell me to drop the subject but nooo, I opened myself up to the onslaught by picking up the phone and asking her outright what she thought – ERROR!

She actually offered to sit down and work out what my ‘best angles’ are when we’re next together so that in future as soon as a camera is whipped out I can drop in to pose like some kind of peppy airhead cheerleader. All I can say is that she’s lucky I didn’t send her the pics of me smashed out of my tiny mind poking my very blue tongue at the camera, although knowing my luck she’ll declare that my best side and make me forever walk around with my tongue hanging out like an afghan hound on a hot day. MMM nice


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