Welcome to the World….

I realised today with the arrival of my new nephew ‘The Bush Baby’ that I love love love being an aunty. Having another little person in the World that I get to play a part in moulding is a wonderful feeling – especially as I get to hand him back when he starts to poop/scream/wriggle about too much in that precarious way that babies do which always makes me imagine dropping them on the floor amid gasps of horror at how deficient I am. I am also feeling pretty damned happy about having had the surgery so early on in my nephews’ lives as it means they won’t remember fat, depressive, unable to walk Long Tall Ally (or Long Tally as it comes out in my head) but they’ll be able to experience crawling on the floor, making silly noises, not worrying about getting my big fat bum stuck between the sofas at my parents house, able to chase them round the house squealing (them, not me!) for hours on end without thinking I’m going to die, fun Aunty Al. And I am so grateful for that. I feel this burst of love everytime my little blonde surfer nephew (18mo) gives me a pudgy little hand to hold or we do our special wiggle dance in a room full of people who just don’t understand how much fun it is to wiggle while giggling – they’re missing out, seriously!

I guess today I am just feeling incredibly lucky for having a family that stood by me amid all the highs and lows (WAAAYYYY more lows than highs or even mediums!) and that we’re now all reaping the benefits. I can’t wait to hold my Bush Baby nephew knowing that he’s come in to my life at an amazing time, it’s definitely onwards and upwards from here.


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