Jesus is my….toilet buddy?!

The weirdest thing happened on the way to my interview, and when I say weird I mean hold my breath, lift up my feet so she couldn’t see them, stop my pee and hide in the cubicle until she went away weird.

There I was having whizzy winkles through my sea biscuit and internally telling myself that I was going to be great and going to knock the interview out of the park when this woman came in, started doin’ the do and then started PRAYING OUT LOUD!

Now I’m down with those who are down with the big J.C but I wouldn’t choose to commune with him out loud whilst shaking me lettuce!! She began with ‘Thank you Jesus for this day’ before going on about how grateful she was to be here (I had to stifle a giggle as I though ‘What, in the loo?’) and etc. I mean I can’t be the only one who thinks it is a little, well actually downright odd eh? Now because I’m such a nice old bird I did consider the fact that she might not realise that I was there so I did what anyone would have done and used my uber strength kegels to stem my flow, held my breath until I turned puce and silently prayed she’d hurry the cock up and finish her dirty business!

I toddled off to my interview once the coast was clear and actually, quite peversely enjoyed myself! Having actually done a shite load of prep I managed to get some salient points across and once it was all over, left the room thinking ‘Yessss’. I was really proud of some of my answers and I felt positive and yet by the time I got back across the road to the office I was convinced that I haven’t got it!

I think it goes back to an earlier blog about stepping in to the fast lane and sorting my shit out. I want to do it but have NADA self belief and so can’t imagine not being stuck in a crappy little job where everyone tells me I’m wasted.

And so now I’ve entered the shitty holding pattern until my inbox pings with the inevitable ‘I’m sorry, but No. Just NO!’.


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