Total lack of awareness – woohoo!

As a fattie I used to be totally alert to my surroundings so I could try and avoid potential pitfalls such as, chairs that my arse wouldn’t fit in to (that’d be any with sides then!); tight spaces that one might have to squeeze through; restaurant tables too close together that would mean I’d either have to hover nonchalantly or make an excuse to go elsewhere, and so on ad infinitum.

I amazed myself today by making it from one side of the car park clear across to the other side, WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT IT!! I was busily texting on my phone and it was only when I remembered I hadn’t locked my car that I looked up and saw that I had managed to squeeze through some tight gaps without batting an eyelid. In fact, I’ll rephrase that in honour of my new slightly slinkier status – there was no squeezing involved, I whooshed through there like a hot knife through butter! It made me feel so normal so I had a little jig which reassured those around me that I was in fact a mental patient. I suppose we were in the right place as it was the Hospital carpark… I was there playing Santa Claus to my housemate who smashed his leg up at a roller disco…. boys will be boys!


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