Salsa Verde!

Or should that be Salsa Merde! Seriously, I am awful at coordinating my feet and body to do what the slinky salsa teacher does. I looked like a heffalump tripping the not so light fandango over hot coals this morning as I humped and bumped my way round the living room. Oh the things one will try to lose a few extra pounds! I should charge people to come and watch me make a total arse of myself, I could make a killing like that!

Because it was a ‘new’ form of exercise (salsa been around for years obviously but I’ve never had a pop at it before!) I was huffing and puffing like I’d been smoking 100 fags a day for ten years at the end of the warm up so it will obviously be doing me some good. Now I just have to stand the embarrassment factor and stick at it. I’ve also decided to walk to work again as I really want to have lost ten stone by the time my birthday comes round. I only have 37lbs to go which isn’t too bad at all and will necessitate a loss of 5lbs a week so I best get my butt in to gear!


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