Well what a difference a few weeks makes. After a bit of a lecture (in a nice way!) from the Good Doctor, basically about not being such a fussy wench and being ‘open to opportunities’ I gave another go and removed some of my criteria in order not to be quite SO picky. The first criteria to get the elbow was the fact that I wanted a potential hunka hunka to be over 6ft as I was convinced that I was 6ft 2″…. An illusion that was sadly shattered when I was measured without shoes on 😦 I am just gently nudging 6ft 1 at an absolute maximum. So then I stood next to my housemate who is 5ft 11 and realised that it’s not THAT much of a difference and that I could just suck it up and not be such a big girl pants about it.

So, I surfed the legions of men all interested in getting with this hot piece of ass (ha ha ha) and contacted a couple who took my fancy and even a couple who I didn’t think were awful but who didn’t exactly light my fire. You win some you lose some and so not everybody I would have liked to have spoken to got in touch but hey, nobody wins every time. I am now chatting to a 27 y/o soldier who seems like a nice guy but I don’t think it’s going to go anywhere; a 24 y/o maths teacher who was in the pile of not lighting my fire and I think will stay there but who is a really nice guy and will hopefully become a good friend and I’m also talking to a 22 y/o Broker who sought me out – even though I feel a bit wrong when I think about his age he seems like a really nice guy and I am actually looking forward to chatting with him and maybe even *gasp* meeting! I had a little wobble as he is properly classy and I worried that I wouldn’t be eligible enough for him but then I got some common sense from somewhere (Lady Headstrong and the Good Doctor’s words have obviously finally got in to my thick skull!) and decided that I’ll let HIM decide if I’m not classy enough for him….. a revelation eh?!?!?


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