New Year, New Attitude

This is the first year I’ve really felt the cathartic nature of New Year an so I feel like embracing this great feeling and riding on the tidal wave of newness right through until February when excitement about my birthday will take over. Once that is over it’ll be excitement about Cuba (144 days!) and then it’s halfway through another year before you know it. The reason that I’m experiencing this catharsis can only be due to the fact that I might for the first time ever, be feeling happy!

Every other New Year I’ve made the same lame internal promises about losing weight, retraining, getting off my tablets and such like – in the vain hopes that through the very act of promising to do these things they would magically occur. Well I am no Hermione Grainger capable of such sorcery and so every year nothing has changed. As my wise friend used to say, ‘If nothing changes, nothing changes’ which is SO true! So, this is it – the start of MY year. Things are going to go my way and I’m going to make the most of every situation thrown at me. BRING IT ON!


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