Shrink wrapped….

Anyone got a spare crystal ball? Imagine you’ve been asked to be bridesmaid at your best girls wedding, add to that the fact that you’ve had major gastric surgery and are shrinking at a rate of knots and now try and guestimate what dress size you might be in 18 weeks and 5 days time…. It’s a toughie indeed!

Armed with a B&Q tape measure I stripped to my grundies and breathed in! Hmm, I wonder if I’m terminally unique in currently (according to the tape measure) occupying five different dress sizes. Yes you did read that right. I’ve waxed lyrical in the past about shrinking from the top down but now I have it in black and white inches. From the top down I am an 18/20, 22, 28, 30 and am currently wearing size 26 jeans which are REALLY falling off. *sigh* Here I am, merrily blaming the evil emporium of circus tents aka Evans for their inconsistent sizes when all along it’s my own body that’s the mish mash!

So back to the bridesmaid dress battle – I think it’s easier and safer to order the size I am now and then get someone whizzy to alter it to fit my sylph like frame rather than ordering a weeny size and having to live off air and wear multiple Spanx tummy suckers whilst endeavouring not to breathe throughout the entire ceremony! The dresses du jour are beautiful, a rich golden brown with a gorgeous gold sash and they look very flattering so fingers crossed they make me look tall and elegant and not like a bush pig so I don’t have to hide at the back in the pics!


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