Mammary meltdown

I thought it was about time for a little boobicular update from my ever vanishing lady lumps 😦

I actually feel like a boy today I look so flat chested. At the very least I look like a woman who wants to be a man and so has strapped her wabs down with a load of crepe bandages in order to be more masculine. It’s not a good state of affairs for someone who has never really felt feminine, the only femininity I felt when I was fatter (than I am now) was the massive chesty speedbumps I had, which are surely the only form of body fat any woman could like?

So Larry the left was shrinking faster than Romily the right, and I was gripped by paroxysms of fear about being left with one tit bigger than the other like a humanesque Nemo. Thankfully they appear to have gotten the memo and are back to being roughly the same size. Well, the same size to the naked eye and I don’t expect any telescopes or magnifying glasses to be near these babies anytime soon…

ps) No more 48DD for me, I’m a piddly 38C now – smallest I’ve ever been!


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