Getting to goal. (Which is where exactly?!)

It may be too soon and it may be inappropriate however I have been thinking about that magical moment when I can claim to have ‘reached goal’. That exquisite flicker of time when the electronic scale doesn’t splutter and say ‘one at a time please’ and gives me a print out with my weight in lbs that doesn’t resemble someones telephone number.

The only spanner in my daydream is the fact that I don’t know where ‘goal’ is. I could plug it in to my satnav and see where that leads me however I think I would probably end up down a cul-de-sac with the duelling banjo music playing in my head as angry residence committee members converged on my car brandishing pitchforks. Perhaps I need to go to the second star on the right and straight on til morning to find my own personal mecca? I’ve spoken at length about this to various people and had the same advice back from them all, which is to ‘take it as it comes’. It’s great advice and I wish I could embrace it but as someone who gets a little bit OCD about things at times [I still maintain the letters should be in alphabetical order thus making it CDO] I need a clear and concise goal to work towards in order to feel like I am accomplishing something.

Turning to the wide wide world of web for inspiration about the mythical ‘goal’, I discovered that a lot of different people have a lot of different ideas about what the ideal weight for me is which is remarkable really considering I’ve never met any of them and never will. Having consulted four different websites using the search terms ‘ideal weight, 6’2″, female’ I was shocked to see the disparity of the results:

Website 1: said I should weigh between 9st 10lbs and 12st 2lbs
Website 2: said I should weigh between 10st 11lbs and 11st 11lbs
Website 3: said I should weigh between 10st 13lbs and 13st 5lbs
Website 4: said I should weigh between 11st 1lb and 13st 12lbs

Is it only me that thinks that telling a 6’2″ female that she could feasibly weigh 9 STONE 10LBS and be healthy is tantamount to abuse? If I had anorexic tendencies (thankfully I do not as evidenced by my previous fat bloater status) a piece of information like that would send my head in to overdrive until I found myself eating tissues and combing my downy facial hair whilst shivering in the corner.

Having been a big ol’ tub of lard for all of my adult life my head tells me it is of paramount importance to get down to what is considered a normal BMI. I know that some people think the BMI is a gigantic crock of shit but I just want to, for once in my life, feel normal in some way. So maybe, instead of counting down the pounds and ounces I should count down BMI points?


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