Double portions

Whilst most of the world are worrying about acting on CO2 and being hippy dippy tree huggerish (I DO care about the environment, I do, it’s just that for the purpose of this blog I’ve put aside my ‘save the world’ leanings in order to be a selfish bitch about things that REALLY worry me!) the only thing I am currently interested in reducing is my carbon-ara footprint.

Portion size is a heinous bitch when you’re not sure how big your stomach is. The rules of the pouch state that you’re supposed to ‘gently’ stretch your pouch with each meal…. Quite how does one do that? It’s akin to being asked to hit the bullseye with a dart thrown down a dark alley after having been spun round ten times.

I bought myself a ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ toddler bowl to eat out of which causes amusement to the boys I live with when I’m sat eating out of it with a grump on which (let’s face it) happens quite often due to being a big old hormonal girlpants however I wish I could be shown pictorial representation of what my portions should look like. I suppose being aware of the portion size is half the battle…


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