Farewell mid twenties!

You’ve been sucky! 27. Twenty. Seven. That seem intolerably old when it is compared to where I am in life versus where I want to or think I should be.

And there it is again, the perpetual terrorist chatter in my head that makes me feel inadequate when compared to my peers. My own expectation of being twenty seven mean that I should be marching up the career ladder, in a stable long term and fabulous relationship, the owner of a beautiful flat and generally right on track to fabulousity.

But, I have to keep reminding myself that just because other people are doing something doesn’t mean I should be or even should want to! I mean if everyone was jumping off a cliff when they turned 27 I wouldn’t want to be doing it but for some reason I get a touch of the green eyed monster thinking about what I *should* be doing.


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