The Perfect Man…

Does he even exist? The Good Doctor and I were chatting in the car about what I look for in a fella and he told me he thinks I am still being too fussy even after I re-jigged my online dating profile criteria and went on a disastrous date with a guy that I was indifferent about romantically. I have to say though, I don’t want to settle for second best so I think I’m allowed to be somewhat particular.

I’m not saying I am going to close myself off to every hunka hunka or not so hunka hunka that comes my way but I reserve the right to make a few judgement calls…. Can’t spell/be bothered to spellcheck or use appalling grammar on your profile? No thanks mate. List your hobbies as football, drinking, clubbing and sex? I don’t think we’re going to get on all that well. Dress like a scenester and have fake tans? You’re more girlie than me so it’s going nowhere, fast. I think these sorts of judgements are allowed, a basic ‘sorting the wheat from the chaff to get down to the good stuff’ scenario. I’m not thinking that I am going to marry the first man that comes along but my biological clock is tick-tocking so why can’t I narrow it down a bit?

I’m not after a knight in shining armour, or a bronzed ripped adonis with a posing pouch, or my own personal Einstein. I’m not even expecting an amalgamation of the three, some kind of perfect specimen wrapped up in a pair of faded Levi’s but I do have a clear idea of the sort of man that is going to tempt me. The problem comes in when I start thinking about what I have to offer a potential mate and I realise that in my mind I only feel worthy of dating Wayne Rooney’s uglier, chavvier, neanderthal cousin rather than the witty, handsome, intelligent, kind and downright delicious type of man I have in my head. (Look at me saying ‘type of man’ as if I’m not specifically referring to one gorgeous boyshape in particular – tres amusing!)

One thing I’ve been wondering, is it only me who wanders down the road mentally asking every man I see whether they’re my next boyfriend? I’m guessing I’m totally alone in this little escapade!


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