Make? Or break?

Have you ever had one of those life defining moments where you can see two clear paths stretching ahead in front of you that have very different outcomes? That galling moment where you either stand up and be counted or put up and shut up? I had one today and once my decision had been made and the fallout from the decision was over I felt nothing but relief, my headache slipped away and my colleagues commented that I was back to my usual chatty self.

Today was the third time a particular relationship in my life has come to a close and I’m not about to say third time lucky or third times the charm however I’m no fool and for something to die a death thrice, well in the words of Willy Shakespeare ‘something is rotten in the state of Denmark’. My best guestimate as to why things have fallen over three times is that in many ways we’re very similar, it’s just a problem that we’re similar in the worst possible ways which causes friction and tension and sniping. Of course it’s never nice to have to admit that things aren’t working however sometimes it’s best to throw in the towel and walk away.


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