Crusher Love

Friday night saw me hurtling up the A34 bound for some Crusher love, I say hurtling however an upturned car meant that it was more a painfully slow crawl throughout which I kept myself entertained by eyeing up potential talent in the other cars and laughing at the man in the car behind me who had his music on so loud I could hear every torturous word to which he was singing along and dancing like a total numpty. After over four hours on the road including driving round the same roundabout three times and finding myself in a dead end where a couple were making whoopee in their car I fell through her front door into her toasty warm house and was blissfully rewarded with a thoughtful and delicious homecooked meal and a glass of red wine – as well as a dvd I’ve been wanting to buy for ages but never got round to! Bless her, she even did a little jig in the street about the appearance of my waist.

Crusher seemed to think that me coming and staying the night was akin to having a celebrity stay over due to her following my blog, I called her a ninny but was secretly quite chuffed that she’d been reading it and hadn’t run screaming for the hills from the weirdo shrinking woman. Although the visit was very brief it reinforced the idea that I’ve held all along that Crusher is quite simply a fabulous person to know and I’m very lucky that she came into my life via the medium of a temp agency and an ability to break office equipment. She is like a wise old owl when it comes to nutrition, fitness and positive thinking except younger, much hotter and as far as I am aware she is not nocturnal and doesn’t eat mice. I always come away from time with her with a spring in my step and a smile on my face, and know that even though we don’t see each other very often (roughly once a year) it is always comfortable and fun when we get together. She helped me put right some of the head mess without even realising she was doing it and we had a really good giggle. I think I’ll end my sycophantic rambling there before her head gets too big to fit through her front door and she starts demanding her boyfriend feed her peeled grapes whilst fanning her!

Ps) Crusher – thanks for the bed, it was whorus gert lush! x


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