By jove it fits!

Regular readers if I still have any left, will know that my head has been a bit mangled recently about the issue of the bridesmaid dress [dun, dun, dunnnnnnnn – sorry, it sounded like it was worthy of some atmospheric music] as I was a smidgy bit stressed about what size to order and what I would look like with my bingo wings on display for the world to see.

Well I felt like a proper girlie girl when this massive cardboard box arrived with the dresses in it, all wrapped up in very twee tissue paper with a ribbon (a ribbon! Squee!) and so I tore that sucker open and fell in love with the most beautiful dress in the history of the world. It’s linen to be cool on the beach and so I was worried about it being a bit scratchy but it’s the softest dress I’d felt for a long time and I love the thick white hem which just makes it look so pretty.

Feeling trepidatious I took the dress to the bathroom to try it on in privacy from my housemales who didn’t really want to see my lily white arse whilst I hopped round the room trying to squeeze into a dress which is blatantly too tight. Except it wasn’t too tight, it fit! It was a smidge too tight over the bust which I think is due to the design more than anything but as Larry and Romily are *still* shrinking by the time Cuba rolls around it’ll be gravy. Imagine, me fitting in a size 22!! Especially when you think that last July I was a size 36 all over…. It’s time like this that remind me how incredible this past year has been.


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