Money Head…. argh

You can change your outward appearance, you can make changes to your friendship structures, you can eradicate people entirely, you can change your mind about other people, you can change the way you feel about the world, you can change your mind about what your favourite thing to do, see, have, watch, wear etc is but when it comes down to it you cannot change how you instinctively react in a crisis.

I got a voicemail from the lovely limo man to tell me that my card had been declined and instantly, automatically, instinctively my head went into a blind panic about money and being able to afford Cuba and all the other lovely things I’m going to be doing when all along [and this is the crucial bit] I *knew* that I had more than enough money in my account to cover the payment. The old me would have been convinced that magically without knowing it I had managed to spank all the money and that I was overdrawn and in big trouble however the new me got on the blower to Barclays to be told that the transaction had been picked up by the fraud department. In some ways I was happy that they wanted to make sure it was me who was paying so much wedge to a random limo company but in other ways I could cheerfully have brained the callcentre monkey over the head for causing such internal drama!


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