Choppity, chop, chop

Yes, it’s true, I have taken the plunge and had all my hair lopped off! It was in the midst of a girlie day with Bells in Birmingham whilst sat being ‘ladies wot lunch’ in Wagamama’s that we decided that we could both really do with a haircut. Sadly being a squillion miles from home meant that we had no idea where the nearest Supercuts was and so couldn’t just walk in off the street and beg to be washed, cut and blowed dry. Keen to surf the girl time wave however, Bells booked us in to her hairdressers upon our return to our fair city and so this lunchtime we wandered in hair magazine in hand to begin the transformation process.

I’d had my eye on a certain haircut for months now but thought that there was no way I could have it done because it would make my face look rotund in the extreme as I have witnessed with other friends who have gone for the chop and also I harboured a fear that it would make me look like a man from the back, a tall man with a big fat arse who should be out lumberjacking rather than a slinky shrinking woman. But here I am, a couple of hours post appointment with a distinct lack of hair but a slinky feeling in my heart – I LOVE IT! It’s given my hair such beautiful shape and volume, restoring it to it’s previously thick glossy status and making me look sophisticated and feel sexy. SEXY no less! It feels sensuous and I can’t stop running my hands through my hair and marvelling at the shortness of it (in back it’s shorter than my housemales hair!) and I’ve had so many compliments from the strangest quarters which have been a little bit difficult to be gracious and accept but I’m getting there slowly. I was even told by a colleague who I’ve never really spoken to before that I could think about modelling such is the effect of the cut….!

I’m off to Boots tonight to purchase all sorts of fun hair stuff so I can play around with my new look – I might wee I’m so excited!


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