Jack and the giant chair

I sashayed into the waiting room at the hospital for a checkup with the dietitcian feeling pretty good about myself because I reckoned I’d now reached the stage where people there would know that I am post-op because of the way I carry myself and thanks in part to having a very visible collarbone would no longer be asked ‘when are you having the surgery?’ which is both mortifying and anger inducing. However it seems as though whilst everyone else may have gotten the memo that I am shrunked compared to what I used to be my head is still partially in the dark about it all.

Yes folks, I chose to sit in a fatty chair at the hospital because I eyed up the quote unquote normal chair and decided that my big fat arse wouldn’t fit into it so instead I plumped to feel like a midget who had innocently stumbled into GIANT LAND by sitting on a seat so huge that both my parents can sit in it at the same time quite comfortably. I was sharing my seat with my Mulberry handbag so I could definitely see the difference in my size as before it would have been just me on the seat but I still felt too embarrassed to sit on a normal seat in case I didn’t fit….. I know I would have fit so it just shows how my head does love to play a trick or two!


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