Fashion thy name is NOT tights worn as leggings…

Working on a University campus you really do see some sights. Some are quite fun (a man dressed as a squirrel and a man dressed as batman rolling down the grassy slope by Law together); some are a distraction (hello boat club boys!) and some just make me want to gouge my eyes out with a rusty spoon. Today whilst going to purchase my guilty pleasure reading material in the union shop I saw a sight that can only be described as dirrrrrrty. It made me feel like a middle aged woman as I resisted tutting and commenting under my breath about the attire that this young slip of a girl had chosen to wear to lectures…. Seriously, is there a city wide shortage of mirrors? Have her friends decided that actually they hate her and so want to let her go out dressed like a tramp? Or maybe she was so schmonged off her wong last night in the palace of dreams that she wasn’t functioning enough to dress herself properly. Whatever the reason, it was bordering on obscene and looked quite frankly ridiculous.

The obligatory UGG boots made an appearance, with a man’s shirt that was belted at the waist with a big chunky leather affair, the ubiquitous rah sloaney hair was all present and correct too making her look like she had been shagged through a hedge backwards. The crowning glory of this ‘outfit’ was a pair of black tights…… That’s it. No trousers, no skirt, no nothing! And yes, you could see there definitely wasn’t anything hiding under her shirt tails.I probably sound like a prude but she looked like an idiot. Either that girl is so fashion forward she thinks that looks good or she was in the middle of one almighty walk of shame….. In which case I applaud her wholeheartedly for having the cojones to style it out like that.

Speaking of fashion trainwrecks – what is the deal with Lady GaGa? Has nobody told her that it is March, and that in March when you’re in London it’s usually not sensible to walk around outside in a leotard?! I nearly choked on my, well I actually wasn’t eating anything at the time but still I was shocked to see a photograph in which at first glance she looked stark bollock naked. And the wedgewood china inspired breastplate that she wore to the Brits? Totally nucking futs. All power to her for the kerayzee stage outfits but couldn’t she lose the hair bow, ditch the space2001 glasses and cover up her hoo hoo in a pair of keks? Just once?


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