Dry Bones

LongTallAlly has a new obsession……. The collarbone! Now that mine is a permanent fixture in my life, all present and correct without the need to contort my neck to see it, I’m a smidgy bit obsessed with it. I used to cross my arms and grab my boobies when concentrating as a pre-op but now that Larry and Romily have shrunk quite so much it’s lost it’s appeal somewhat. I trialled hair twirling as my new ‘thing’ and it worked for a while until I caught a glimpse of myself doing it in the mirror and saw my Mother staring back at me, but since the advent of the svelte dĂ©colletage it’s all about the clavicle baby!

I’m in love with the feeling of drumming my fingers on my collarbone, I love the sound it makes and I love the fact that it means, from the neck up at least, that I’m normal! If I’m concentrating these days I’ve either got my chin resting in my left hand (so I can surreptitiously feel the new bones in my face), or I have my hand at my neck (with my fingers exploring the collarbone, the cavities and the slimness of it all) which always makes me feel like an Edwardian lady with an attack of the vapours, clutching at her neck due to sheer distaste. I find that when I look at myself in the mirror my eyes automatically bounce down to my neckline now as if I’ve finally added another bodypart to the ‘I can bear to look at it in the mirror’ list which as a pre-op only comprised #1 hair and #2 eyes. It’s not the whole kaboodle yet but I’m definitely makin’ progress!


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