"Shit your body up a bit"

I, LongTallAlly, previously a fat blobby layabout have managed to pick up a sporting injury *shocked face*! Before surgery the only way I could conceiveably have done that would have been falling off the sofa whilst over-reaching for a packet of chips whilst the boys watched football and I drooled over those fit firm footballing thighs….. but post-op I have a bona fide hurty bit that has been caused by exercise!! For some reason rather than complaining about the shooting pains in my right arm, every time I get a twinge I smirk to myself from a mixture of pride and out and out hilarity at the situation.

I’ve been doing push ups, special magic tricep ones that make me feel like a right muscle mary even if I can only do 10 before collapsing in a bit of a heap and I’ve also been doing free weights in my room which would probably explain why my shoulder is so painful and I can’t do anything with my right arm….


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