What was I thinking vol.102

A much better day today thanks in large part to a steady diet of Anadin Extra, ice cold water and some sofa time. Actually managed to accomplish some things today including a very successful wedding related conference call, finishing sewing the zip on my beach bag, a monthly grocery shop (for £50!), reading the first 5 chapters of Anna Karenina (although I did have to go back a couple of times and go over what I’d read!) and a phone call with Humphrey Big Bear about my poorly nephew. Oh and for some reason not known to myself or those I live with I somehow set myself a challenge that within the next year I have to run 10k in 50 minutes – argh! It came about from mocking super fit Physics geek for taking 50 minutes to run the Great Edinburgh 10k – he’s such a machine it normally only takes him 32 but he grumbled about it being hilly (and he stayed out late with a nubile American chickadee which can’t have helped!) and so somehow now only do I now have a 5k race looming this summer but now I have a 10k hanging over my head too!

The thing is though, I flippin’ HATE running! I’ve also recently been told that I have a very sarcastic run, apparently I run like Phoebe from Friends but with slightly less arm waving and with a big fat sneer on my face – the friend that told me this explained it further by saying I run as though I am mocking another person’s attempt at running. All of which doesn’t make me feel like I ever want to run in public, let alone running 5 or 10k in front of other actual human beings!Note to self: Before engaging mouth to sign myself up for ridonckulous challenges that I will hate every second of: ENGAGE BRAIN!!


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