It’s all Greek to me

Had a super mega craving for chocolate today after getting royally naffed off with a certain auction site for being utterly cocking useless. It doesn’t help that computer geek has chocolate from the easter bunny sat on the floor in the living room that keeps giving me the eye and has been sat in the patch of sunlight that hits the floor each morning making the choccy all ooey gooey and delicious. So craving a hit of the brown stuff but wanting to make the right choice I made the decision to go and have some natural greek yoghurt with a bit of muesli mixed in as instead….. And it actually felt like a treat which was bizarre. Is this it? The turning point against the tide of chocolate? The pinnacle of my quest to step away from the bad stuff? Probably not. It was more likely to be attributable to it being 2 short weeks until I hit the beach and cold and wet outside thus reducing the likelihood of being bothered to go to the shop.

I did have to text a couple of people though whilst devising my treat as I still don’t have a clue about nutritional labels and how to decipher what they’re telling me. Those coloured wheels on the front of packets are a godsend if like me you’re a bit thick when it comes to interpreting data. It’s probably something I should work on huh?


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