Mmm gawjuss!

So apart from all the other flight related shiz I have to contend with I now have an incredibly sexy pair of thigh high compression stockings to wear whilst in the air – whit whoo! I’ve got a blood disorder which means that as well as risk due to my weight, I’m at high risk of a “spontaneous catastrophic clot” so now I get to look like a total freak wearing socks and sandals as I am going to wear flip flops on the plane. Better that than carking it at 10,000 feet somewhere over the Atlantic though I guess! I suppose I could always style it out by wearing some phat sunnies and a big hat and passing myself off as a little known Hollywood star who has just been in the UK for some thigh liposuction hence the support garments…..

Went and saw the actual Doctor today to get my injections for the flight and the aforementioned totally sexy not old lady-ish in the slightest thigh high support stockings (I just know they’re going to roll down and go all Nora Batty on me!). As is usual he made me hop on the scales, it wasn’t quite a hop but there was a definite spring in my step about showing him how clever I’ve been in shedding more weight since he last saw me. We had a good giggle when he congratulated the fact that the scale didn’t go all the way around and then some, I’ve been the right side of that particular milestone for a while now but it’s the first time he’d seen it and it’s always nicer having someone else point out these little gems!

In other weight related news, my suitcase (now packed, checked, unpacked, checked and repacked) weighs about 100kgs……. Crap!


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