The suitcase shuffle

T minus 12 days. Last night I had the job of cutting down the stuff in my suitcase so I can cruise under the 15kg weight limit. After enlisting the help of the Physics geek to be my weighing guinea pig because I’m too uncoordinated to stand on a scale holding a case and be able to see the numbers without falling over we deduced that my case weighed an altogether not too shabby 17.6kgs. P.G was horrified and kept telling me that for two weeks away in the heat all I needed was three outfits, one for the daytime, one for the nighttime and one for the flight – err, I think not! Especially as he included my bridesmaids dress in my allotted three outfits… Some people just do not have a clue!

I’m looking forward to the day when I’m a more normal size and thus have more normal sized clothes. It will make packing a lot easier as circus tent sized clothes don’t tend to fold up small enough to allow much room in the case for other essentials and so a tightrope balancing act begins between taking enough of the ‘right’ clothes and making sure that I have room for everything else. I long for the day when I can throw a case together in the knowledge that I look alright in all of my clothes and that if god forbid my case goes missing it doesn’t matter as I can borrow clothes off someone else or just nip to a normal shop and replace my wardrobe.

The only downside of downsizing my case is that now my hand luggage is a bit more jumbo than I had hoped for. Thankfully it is still within its own 5kg limit but any visions I had of appearing stylish and like a seasoned traveller on the flight are long gone thanks to having what feels like half of my life stuffed into a cloth bag. Ah well, I’ve got plenty to keep my head busy between now and then, still haven’t started my uni reading, or even thought about the essay (should probably find out what the title is!), still need to find a housemate and have a braai to plan for the day before we fly, as well as other bits bubbling away under the surface! Can’t wait to reach the hotel and relax with a big juicy (non-alcoholic) cocktail.

Oh almost forgot – picked up the ever so sexy stockings from the chemist. They claim to be thigh high but being a bit of a leggy bird they come up to the crook of my knee and I can already predict are going to be intensely annoying. They’re also “suntan” colour and remind me an awful lot of the stockings that Robin Williams wore to play Mrs Doubtfire! Mmm sexy.


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