Five go mad in the forest

Bloody lovely day today! To celebrate the computer geek being another year older we loaded up Captain Faris (my little silver chariot) and headed off to the forest for some wholesome urban family fun! After a tremendous lunch at a new pub we found, the one thing we all really wanted to do was lie in the sunshine rubbing our bellies after such lovely food in a romantic atmosphere (the pub was in the middle of a blackout so there were candles EVERYWHERE, and what with all the candlelight and dark wood it felt a bit like eating lunch in a Meatloaf video!) but what we actually did was drive to Boldrewood to get back to nature. Before you start thinking that we all got nuddy and danced round whilst looking for fairies let me reassure you that there was no dancing or naked wobbly bits involved! There was however scrambling over logs, jumping over streams, scurrying up fallen trees, using makeshift bridges and a long old walk in the sunshine.

All without an iota of complaint from me, which was a bit of a miracle as pre-op I would have whinged the whole way about being tired, if I’d even bothered to get out of the car. I was always so worried that if I went off the beaten track and clambered over things and generally got involved that it would be sods law that I would break something and then I’d be stuck in the middle of nowhere like some kind of beached whale that nobody could shift. To begin with I was a bit of a girlpants about getting stuck in and getting muddy but by the time we had crossed the first stream and lived to tell the tale I was well into it. I even put my shockingly awful balance skills (seriously, it’s well documented that I can overbalance when just standing still!) to the test by tightrope walking my way up the branch of a huge fallen tree for a photo opportunity! I could see the Physics and Computer geeks both holding their breath as I wobbled my way up to the safety of a flat, stable surface but I made it with no broken bones so all is good. Really looking forward to getting back out there sometime soon and must confess I was looking at the trail we’d taken thinking ‘maybe one day I’ll run round here’….. I fear that day is a LONG WAY OFF but who knows eh? Who knows!


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