Running away with myself…

I pushed myself so hard on the treadmill this morning I almost vomited and had to sit down on the exercise bike (although I was pedalling so it wasn’t really a rest) because I thought I was about to have a nosebleed. That’s not great is it….. I spy a telling off from Crusher on the horizon! Although perversely I did enjoy taking myself so far out of my comfort zone (Running! Fast! Panting! In Public! With mad bed hair! And mascara all over my face!) and look forward to having another bash at it. I was alternating running with power walking although I’m wondering whether I should slow the pace down a smidge and go for distance and longevity rather than all out hell for leather, panting so loudly I could hear it over my blaring ipod. I was quite impressed with the pace I was forcing myself to keep up with which was 7 minutes per kilometre but there is no way in hell I’d be able to do it over a 5k course, unless something drastic happens to my fitness levels between now and then!

I’m also going to invest in some nice shiny new trainers and some new joggers as mine are a bit saggy and also appear to have divorced my ankles and married my knees! Everytime I wear them I can’t help but think of Trev and Simon doing “Swing Your Pants” on Saturday morning telly which is utterly cringe making. I’m still not saying that I’m ever going to be a natural runner but I have found myself thinking about upgrading my gym kit and getting some proper running music on my ipod and maybe a nice ipod holder armbandy thing to make the experience a bit more pleasant and I was even considering running on the common in the morning if it is sunny before work. The answer is clearly that I am coming down with something and need to lie down in a darkened room!


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