Soggy bra, chilly boobies

Why it seemed like a good idea to wash my sports bra in the shower this morning I will never know but I am now left wearing a soggy sunkissed raspberry scented sports bra at work. I forgot to sling a normal bra in my gym bag and post workout was left with a dripping sweaty sports bra which was starting to pong a bit (god that’s attractive) and so the only option I was left with was to give it a quick wash in the shower using my Alberto Balsam Sunkissed Raspberry shampoo and then stand for about half an hour blowdrying the damned thing using the gym hairdryer! I couldn’t even contemplate not wearing a bra in the office because my breasticular appendages have a bit of a mind of their own if not safely restrained by significant amounts of underwiring and fabric and so I’m left sat at my desk with really chilly boobies from the damp bra action.

I SO did not want to go to the gym this morning. My alarm went off at 6 and I’m ashamed to admit I actually uttered the words ‘oh fuck off it’s too early’ before setting it to go off again at 7 whilst lying there bargaining with myself about going to the gym after work (yeah right!). My vanity took over though as tonight it’s my bi-monthly ‘attack of the grey hairs’ in the bathroom and I wouldn’t be able to do that with wet post workout hair and so after lying there groaning out loud (apologies to the computer geek, I wasn’t doing anything naughty I promise) I hauled arse to the gym. Once at the gym my life was saved by Basement Jaxx, and the nice GI Jane esque woman who hammers it like a mentalist every morning on the x-trainer who kept smiling up at me encouragingly from the lower level as it to say ‘come on, keep going, think of the smaller bottom it’ll give you’.

The physics geek and I were discussing running yesterday as he is half man half machine who can run 10k in 32 minutes (and I bow down to his very greatness having experienced how shit running actually is now) and he said that I should see how far I can run and then build up from there. So this morning I did exactly that……. And managed a paltry 0.25 of a kilometre…. Approximately 0.15 of a mile! Pathetic! To be fair I had done just shy of 8 minutes power walking to warm up to run but even so, that distance is approximately one twentieth of the distance of Race for Life and I’m still significantly overweight and I’m not exactly one what might call a ‘natural athlete’ but still. Cock! However my power walking and brief spurt of running meant that I covered 1 kilometre in 9 minutes, which means that with another 7 weeks of training I should easily be able to get under the 45 minute race time, maybe even under 40! (If I get it under 40 someone pinch me, I’m obviously dreaming!)


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