Possibly toodles…

The geeks and I went out for drinkies last night with Bells and the boyfriend to have a mini celebration over some very exciting news I received and it turned into a celebration of a different sort. We ended up in this stylish bar that I had been to before when I was pre-op and unhappy and couldn’t fit my bum into the seats. As it was a lovely sunny afternoon we decided a glass (or two) of wine on the terrace might be appropriate to toast birthdays, books, buff butlers and brainiacs, not forgetting boyfriends who fix car aerials. We took our seats and for one split second I grinned like a cheshire cat as I realised I fit into the seat with room to spare! I glanced up to see Bells grinning at me as she too had clocked my momentary delight at being able to sit down without even having to think about it. So then we had a toast to bums that can fit into seats without squeezing, clenching or leaving bruises! I’m now less scared about fitting in to the plane seat but will cross that particular bridge when it arrives on TUESDAY MORNING! Argh!!

I still have a truck load of stuff to get done before Monday dawns and people descend upon the Manor for a braai and so I don’t think I’m going to get a chance to keep you all updated on the last minute madness. I’m dashing down to Wiltshire this arvo for last minute birthday present buying before dinner tonight for Loulabelle’s birthday, Marms, Bells and I are having a triple hair appointment/bacon butty fest tomorrow morning followed by hitting le supermarché for big braai shop and then gym for some more running fun. I then have to try desperately to get my suitcase under weight, mow the lawn, dye my hair, make sure I have everything packed, sweep the patio, clean the house, speak to the Parentals (who are still sunning themselves in Spain!), deal with any last minute bridal meltdowns, and attempt to maintain a modicum of decorum and composure about the impending beach holiday! I feel knackered having just written that lot down let alone actually carrying it all out so roll on Tuesday morning when I can relax on the flight and then lie in the sunshine for two glorious weeks doing absolutely bugger all. The hotel does have net access so I’ll try and give quick updates if I can but if I don’t then rest assured it’s because I’m terribly busy lying on the beach, snorkelling, eating lobster, drinking mojitos, dancing salsa with a hot man, being a great bridesmaid, and going on a jungle speedboat rather than being lazy!!

ps) If you want to get super jealous, do a google image search for Cayo Guillermo – that’s where I’m headed! (It inspired Hemingway to write ‘Islands in the Stream’ so maybe I will have a literary breakthrough re: impending book whilst sipping on a rum and coke 😉


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