In paradise!

I’m currently sat on our patio watching the most incredible lightning storm and the sort of sunrise that could warm even the hardest of hearts on a perfect beach which is literally metres away from my feet. It currently feels like I am sat in a hot bath and the crickets have been so loud I kept thinking they were a fire alarm….

We arrived last night after a hellish journey (I fit the seats! Without an extender belt!) involving drunken air rage and nervous fliers so by the time we arrived at the hotel after a politically charged coach journey all we wanted to do was get into the beautiful blue ocean – which we did! Yours truly, wearing a swimming costume for the first time ever as an adult threw down the gauntlet, threw down the sarong covering my wobbly thighs and actually frolicked! In the sea! With other people, including a man around! I frolicked so hard in fact that I broke my sunglasses by duck diving down to see the fishies, a fact that was made up for by Flabs telling me I had chosen the perfect swimming costume for my shape and that I looked incredible (she’s such a flatterer…). Once we’d dried off and calmed down a bit we headed to dinner where I found out that the heat made my restriction go mental and all I could manage was a handful of cucumber, green pepper and a tiny piece of grilled fish. If it keeps up like this I’ll be losing weight on holiday which I’d always thought of as some sort of mythical state achieved only by those who take hoodia and don’t eat whilst exercising wildly. After dinner it was off to the beach bar for our first proper taste of paradise, mojitos all round!


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