Buffet bonanza and tummy control

My tan is already coming along nicely, not surprising considering I’ve done NOTHING but lie on the beach or swim! Last night at the Cubanito bar the girlies and I (plus token Man Candy Andy) got a bit twaddled on mojitos before, during and after dinner. Note to self: if you can no longer taste the rum in the mojito, you’ve had enough! The conversation soon turned to me and the surgery and how fabulous I was looking when Marmaloid asking if my swimmers had tummy control because my stomach was so flat!! I was chuffed, nay thrilled to be able to say that it hadn’t and I think I might even have kissed her for being so lovely.

I’m getting a bit bored of the buffet already, it’s day 2/3 and we’re already started in on the bizarre buffet bonanza to make things more interesting – croutons and pineapple anyone? Yumbo! It’s Man Candy Andy’s 25th birthday today so we’ve arranged a nice dinner to spoil the lad to prove what great bridesmaids we are although it helps that he is handsome and charming too!


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