Second string Bond babes

This is going to sound REALLY wanky I warn you now – today I felt so ALIVE it was unreal! I went on the speedboat tour with Marmaloid’s mum and her friend and it was incroyable! We got to drive our own speedboats through a lightning storm in the mangroves at top speed on this really twisty turny course and it was AWESOME! Then we parked (moored) at this platform (jetty) and after feeding the beaver/tree rats things called jutia we went snorkelling to look at the fish. Having never snorkelled before it took a couple of times of ending up with a gobful of seawater before I cottoned on to the fact that you need to keep the little pipe (snorkel) above the water level in order to be successful! Saw some beautiful fish, and some crayfish hiding in these massive craters that I didn’t really like hanging around on top of in case something came out to get me and was really grateful to have Marmaloid’s mum there with me as she was talking me through the fish names. Sadly the sun wasn’t out so the fishy colours were muted and the visibility was bad – so I’m told, I’m such a newbie!

A totally fab day – has completely reinforced the idea that I can do anything I put my mind to!


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