Bottom padding is my saviour

Quite brown now, all over apart from vaguely small area covered by cossie (basically boobs, belly, bum and hoohoo) and feel as though I am turning into a (safe) sun worshipper. Am absolutely COVERED in bruises all over my legs, thanks in part to being flung round in a speedboat but mostly due to stacking it down a flight of stairs during yesterday’s tropical storm!!

We had gone to Marmaloid’s apartment to chill on her balcony and drink champers, wine and whisky when the heavens opened and Thor got all fired up for the daily downpour. They’ve been lasting about 10 minutes but this one went on for well over an hour (more time for champers – yippee!) and flooded the pathways. As we decided that we just had to dash for it Marms shouted a warning that the stairs would be slippery which I relayed to Flabs who made it safely to the bottom. Yours truly however slipped off the top step (tiled – ouch!) and bounced on my arse all the way to the bottom whilst my left arm ripped out all the banister rails as I tried to stop myself! Marms came dashing out to find me in a wet muddy heap at the bottom of the stairs in absolute hysterics (definitely a laugh or I’ll cry moment!) and it’s true what they say about the bigger they are the harder they fall – it frickin’ killed!

The indignity didn’t end there though as on standing up I got both flipflops and feet stuck in the newly formed lagoon which only made me laugh harder. Then I had to walk to the other end of the resort, dripping wet and covered in mud. Nice.


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