Burnt bumcheeks!

At this moment I am supposed to be horseriding along a beautiful Caribbean beach, splashing in the shallows and generally behaving as though I am in a tampax advert (woooooah bodyform!) – I’m even wearing white linen trousers for goodness sake! – however due to being a bit of a numpty yesterday on the beach I am left walking like John Wayne and hovering over the toilet to wee having sunburnt my butt cheeks! Ouch doesn’t even begin to cover how it feels…. and I’m going out for a special dinner tonight with Marms and Flabs during which I will be alternating which butt cheek I sit on. Yes, my backside is still ample enough to mean that I get to choose sides…

We hung out with Marms and did some wedding bits today, including the all important ‘mid all you can eat buffet holiday wedding/bridesmaid dress trying on’ – they fit thank god!. We also finished the namecards, we talked about the days running order, and listened to her practicing her vows which were so beautiful and heartfelt that they made me cry. But don’t tell the best man!


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