Mr and Mrs Marmaloid!

This morning I stood directly behind my best friend in the entire World as she and her handsome man made the most beautiful vows to each other. Looking round the gazebo at the assembled family and close friends there was not a dry eye in the place as they pledged their forevers. It was without question the most beautiful heartfelt wedding I’ve ever been to – even if I was sweating my knackers off!

Marms looked her most beautiful, she was positively glowing as she walked down the aisle on the arm of one very proud father to start her new life as a Mrs. Once the vows were said, the champagne & mojitos drunk, literally a million photos had been taken and I had had my fill of having eye sex with the hot drummer and everyone had had their fill of using a soggy tissue stuffed into my bra to wipe sweaty faces we called it a day and went in the pool. Whilst wandering over to the pool the fat receptionist came up to me (I feel qualified to call her fat a- because she was bigger than me and b- because of what she said to me!!) and said ‘You and Me, we fat ladies. I have hard times getting clothes, can I buy this dress? I’ll give you 25 pesos”… I was flabbergasted! I explained that the dress was very special to me and thus priceless so wasn’t for sale, at which she asked me to look through my case to see if I had other clothes I could sell her!!!

Flabs and I along with our new friend the treasure hunter were doing our best stereotypical old lady swimming with head and shoulders out of the water as we didn’t fancy ruining our hair and makeup (230 degree hair straighteners in 36 degree heat – NOT FUN!) and having to go through doing it all again.

After a few demi stresses about table plans, ribbons and candles, the reception went without a hitch – Marmaloid’s father in law made an incredible speech that I could tell really meant the world to her and her new husband brought more tears to the room by apologising for making us wait 5 years for this special day as he had known the moment he met her that she was the one.

The afterparty down at the Cubanito bar was the perfect end to my Marmaloid’s wedding, lovely and relaxed and the chance to chill out and make memories. Including the memory that yours truly, Flabs, the Rower and Man Candy Andy ended up in the pool in our undies at 5am!!


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