Back down to Earth

What an incredible holiday, absolutely tremendous in every possible way and hand on heart I did not have a minute or even a millisecond in the entire two weeks where I felt uncomfortable or self conscious which is a bit of a bloody miracle (or some kind of voodoo) but it also meant that I was able to put to one side the idea that Marmaloid’s friends would all be too cool to bother with me and enjoy the company of some seriously lovely people. The treasure hunter and her boyfriend Owen are a particular delight, it’s no exaggeration to say that Flabs and I spent pretty much our entire holiday with them and had a whale of a time. I was particularly honoured when Owen made a point of asking for my number so we could all stay in touch – something my own self doubt would have stopped me doing due to the fear of them accepting only out of good manners and not from a desire to actually stay in touch.

On Sunday the 7th Cyril made the first moves to talk to me at the bar having been aloof and slightly too cool for school prior to that moment. His opening gambit was about me apparantly being a Saffa and from there we maintained one on one in depth conversation for over two hours. At the airport terminal today he ‘fessed up that when stood next to me at the bar he’d been having an internal battle about talking to me as he was so shy but forced himself to do it and that post talking to me he’d gone back to his bungy and told his roommate how incredible I was to talk to, that he had really enjoyed himself, wished he’d done it sooner and that I had given him a couple of “eureka on goes the lightbulb” moments. In our heart to heart at Jardines del Ray airport today there was a lot of honesty, eye contact and touching (he’d touch my knee, I’d touch his arm) and as lame as it sounds I came away knowing we’d stay in touch. I once read a quote from Elle Macpherson that said “Religion is for those who are afraid of hell, spirituality is for those who have been to hell and back” and I believe that is how Cyril and I connected, on a spiritual level. Wanky huh?


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