I’ve now had three friends tell me that I have come back from Cuba as a totally new person which was a little scary but after clarification with them, apparantly it’s a positive thing. Went shopping with Bells yesterday for a ‘power handbag’ for Monday’s meeting (ended up with power shoes, jeans, top, handbag, scarf, wallet and makeup SHHH) and she was most complimentary about the ‘new me’, squealed when she saw I had my upper arms on display for the first time since I’ve known her and kept reiterating how life changing Cuba has been. Of course the surgery was the life changing bit, but I think Cuba has been the life affirming bit, the bit that has made me realise that I can do anything I set my mind to and that I enjoy things I never would have contemplated before. I enjoyed snorkelling so much that I now want to get my PADI scuba certification, am booking to go on a kayak course and have come back with a sense of body confidence that I’ve never experienced or even hoped to experience. I still have a lot of weight to lose but actually, I’m alright with myself and am looking forward to experiencing exercise for fun and for the richness of life rather than worrying that I’m not burning enough calories or losing enough weight.


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