"Look Phillip, I’m a stamp!"

Fab weekend but my body clock is still absolutely shagged and I feel like I could sleep for a week. Purely by coincidence Bells, the computer geek and I were having post work drinkies at our local watering hole (affectionately referred to as ‘evils’) when there was an almighty commotion outside as the peace was shattered by 150 naked cyclists wheeling past. As soon as I saw the side of his head, wearing sunglasses and painted blue I knew it was him, the physics geek in all his butt naked glory, willy waggling in the wind! He was convinced he’d get away with it but alas he was rumbled in style and there is now video footage of his cock and balls on our local papers website…

Ended up going to listen to some gypsy jazz in the forest, I did think it was going to be pack jammed wall to wall with hippies and that I’d hate it because I would stick out like some kind of rampant city dweller (or heaven forbid the fattest person in the room) but I LOVED IT! We were sat next to the rural version of ‘The Inbetweeners’ and I must admit I had my fingers tightly crossed that they’d start talking about clunge and Will’s Mum being fit but sadly they seemed more interested in our discussions about cock socks.

Saturday was the long awaited Russell Howard gig, he might be an ADHD riddled sex pixie but he is also bloody hysterical and I cried with laughter from go to woah and gave myself a mirth related stomach ache!

Tomorrow is the day of the big meeting and at the moment I’m relatively calm about it all although I’m guessing this state of zen will fade come tomorrow morning when I’m getting antsy about going on the undergroudnd looking like some kind of bumpkin exuding the air of ‘mug me mug me i’m not a local’. Just remembered a conversation with Cyril about zen and the art of suitcase handles – it’s really refreshing to be on the same rather silly wavelength as someone, especially when there is an underlying connection on a more serious level to.


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