Headfuck hormones highway

I was so hormonal (or should that be Whormonal?) yesterday that I could actually have stabbed someone. I had a right mardy on and was either going to cry like a big old baby or have a meltdown and schizz out at everyone around me. On days like this I like to stay at home and hide away to limit the fallout from my full on beeyatch mode, sadly yesterday that was not an option as it was time for Bells and the Boyfriend to throw their annual Birthday Bonanza. I was upfront about it and ‘fessed up to the boys & Bells that I could potentially go postal at any moment and kept myself to myself until I felt relaxed enough to enjoy/tolerate people without wanting to smash them upside the head with a house brick. Had a lovely evening once the homicidal tendencies had died down a bit….

I’m finding that since losing weight my periods and hormones have been running rampant but I have a theory as to why it’s suddenly gone so skewiff now I’m slimmer. I reckon it is because I have less fat to dilute the bonkersness and hormonal raging. I don’t think it works mathematically but then again, maths is most definitely not my strong point however as a theory it comes off okay. For example imagine I have a finite level of pain and hormonal madness that I will be subject to in any given month; pre-op this would have been nicely diluted amongst my bulk (which was the equivalent of two quite hefty women) whereas now I am most definitely just one person I still have the same amount to contend with and thus whenever the wrong time of the month rolls around I turn into a useless snarling, weeping lump who just wants to curl into the foetal position and be left alone.


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