Church Lane Thigh Pain vol.2

Having a brick shithouse day today! These come along every so often and smack me in the face like a mack truck and make me feel all unfeminine and well, brick shithouse-y. I think what triggered it was walking home with a colleague last night which was lovely as we went through the Common and it was all sunny and ace, but as she is so slim and petite only served to remind me that I am never going to be that woman because I am related to a family of giants. I am a giantess! Perhaps I should start calling myself Madame Maxime and searching for my Hagrid…. Or should that be ‘Agrid (sorry to all you muggles out there for I am a HP geek!)

In other news I walked to work this morning and shaved 5 and a half minutes (oh that half counts A LOT) off my previous best time. I was a sweaty mess by the time I got to my desk but I felt pretty damned good with myself! The shine was taken off my accomplishment a little bit whilst chatting to a guy I work with who said it takes him only 55 minutes to walk 4 miles! Having done some mental arithmetic, actually who am I kidding having googled for a speed calculator I worked out that I walk at 3mph and he walks at just over 4mph which isn’t too bad given that I am still massively overweight and tremendously unfit. In my head I said to myself ‘well, I musn’t forget that I am twice the size of him’ but actually/thankfully I can’t even claim that anymore! From looking at him, I reckon I’m probably only about 6 stone heavier than him. I know it’s still a lot but my god, I used to be EIGHTEEN stones heavier than him!!

And what may you ask propelled me to break my all time best walking to work record? Marmaloid’s mantra! “Ski fit, wedding slim”!. No ladies and gents I am not getting married however I am going to a friend’s wedding in September for which I have set myself a new goal that I intend to keep and then am going to go off skiing in March so with every step I took this morning I was intoning “ski fit; wedding slim” and it really helped as (this sounds wanky!) it felt like Marms was right there with me willing me on. God Bless Marmaloid!


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